Solar Power FAQs

How much solar power should I install?
A typical house will need about 10kW (roughly 30 panels) if you want to produce all of your own power.

How much money will this save me on my electrical bill?
A typical 10.0kW system will save you around $200/month on your electric bill.

Will my electric bill go to zero if I install solar?
No, Duke Energy has recently added a minimum charge of $30.00 per month for all customers.

How much will a solar system cost?
The installed cost of an 10kW system should be around $25,000. ($18,500 after the Federal Tax Credit of 26%.)

What is the payback period for a solar system?
It will usually take around 8 years to save enough money on your electric bill to equal the full sytem cost. However, with financing, many people can start saving money from day one.

How long will a solar system last?
Solar panels are usually warranted to produce at least 80% of their original power rating for a period of 25 years or more. The panel life is probably much longer than that. The power electronics (we typically use micro-inverters from Ehphase) are warranted for 25 years.

Will my solar panels run my home when the power is out?
Finally, the answer is YES! Enphase has released their IQ8 line of microinverters that produce power even when the electrical grid is down.

Should I install batteries with my system so that I can go off-grid?
No. We do not feel that batteries are financially beneficial yet.