Coastal Controls Solar

Premium Solar System

Our engineers at Coastal Controls Solar have worked hard to design the best solar system available. Our current recommendations include Enphase Microinverters, Hanwha Q-CELL Panels, Enlighten Monitoring, and IronRidge mounting hardware. We can install the system as designed, or customize it to meet your specific needs.

Premium Solar System Components

Inverters Enphase MicroInverters
Monitoring Enphase Enlighten Software
Mounting Hardware IronRidge FlashFoot2

Solar System Comparison

Inverter Type MicroInverter String Inverter
Energy Production High Low
Handles Shading Yes No
Handles Different Roof Tilt Angles Yes No
Handles Power Differences as Panels Age Yes No
Monitor Energy Production From Each Panel Yes No
Troubleshoot Each Panel Remotely Yes No
Panel Level Rapid Shutdown Yes No
Eliminates Dangerous High Voltage DC on Roof Yes No
System Continues to Run if One Panel/Inverter Fails Yes No
Easily Add More Panels in the Future Yes No
Component Warranty 25 Years 15 Years