Coastal Controls Solar


Coastal Controls Solar uses MicroInverters on our premium systems. They provide the highest power output from your solar panels, and also provide a host of other benefits when compared to other inverter technologies.

Inverter Type MicroInverter Optimizer String Inverter
Manufacturer(s) Enphase SolarEdge Tesla, SMA
Energy Production High High Low
Handles Shading Yes Yes No
Handles Different Roof Tilt Angles Yes Yes No
Handles Power Differences as Panels Age Yes Yes No
Monitor Energy Production From Each Panel Yes Yes No
Troubleshoot Each Panel Remotely Yes Yes No
Rapid Shutdown Compliant Yes Yes No
Eliminates Dangerous High Voltage DC on Roof Yes No No
System Continues to Run if One Inverter Fails Yes No No
Easily Upgrade by Adding More Panels Yes No No
Warranty 25 Years 10 Years 10 Years

Enphase MicroInverter